Technology Use Case Focus

Technology Use Case Focus

With new technologies evolving everyday across the globe and innovations happening, the technology business is soaring with business opportunities. While technologies are driving the innovations, the application of technology (let’s call it as technology use case), is driving the business.


While new technology innovations are of great interest to enterprises, the real focus for business will be the technology use cases. The business opportunity lies in the ability to apply technology to solve a business problem. Unless a technology is applied in a use case, it does not make difference to business. Technology offers possibilities to solve the problem, while use cases brings in benefits to end customers from such solution implementations.


So, it’s the use cases which technology companies track and focus on to identify the opportunities. An enterprise wants to know the if a business opportunity exists in preventive maintenance implementation using IOT, rather than IOT itself. Hence tracking upcoming and trending use cases is critical for an enterprise strategic decisions. A technology like IOT, offers many use cases and tracking the opportunities, players and investments across its use cases, offers crucial inputs to an enterprise.


A mapping of relevant industry, sectors, business process with Use cases and technology can provide bird’s eye view of the entire critical elements and dynamics involved. One can visualise the opportunities across industries, use cases and technologies. Some of the significant dynamics which can be visualised are:


  • Cross industry entries of players (like telecom players finding opportunities in Automobile industry for connected cars use case)
  • How each technology is impacting industries across (like IoT being used for remote patient monitoring in Healthcare and used in preventive maintenance in Manufacturing industry)
  • The Business process and sectors with most automations and least automations (use cases which automates the business processes).
  • The trending use cases which can be potential opportunities for technology companies to innovate and enter.



Many dynamics and intelligence can be drawn out of the mapping and topping that use cases and technology data from current business events happening on daily basis. The market insights drawn out of this tool can be a significant input going into strategy of an enterprise.