How it Works?

Set-up & track your organization’s Ecosystem

Now you can model and track the business events of your organization’s ecosystem and derive actionable insights for decision making.


Design and Model your ecosystem once from a context, market perspective and watch Innoneuron get you information at your fingertips


Specific to your context and market, track your customers, suppliers, new entrants and complementors to the finest level of detail with persistent information .

Connected Repository

The system maintains a repository all the business events in your ecosystem and the associated relationships between them to provide deep insights.


Gain keen insight into multiple scenarios by harnessing the power of Innoneuron and make decisions based on ``What next`` & ``What Should`` analysis

Simple & Easy to Deploy

for your Ecosystem.

Identify, Model, Derive Insights & Roll-out across the organization leveraging our proprietary methodology.

Try a Pilot

The Engagement Approach

Our engagement model enables a low-risk start to evaluate the benefits and then expand for better return on information.

Identify a POC

Identify and agree upon a Proof-of-Concept for deploying Innoneuron for one of your Business Ecosystems. This could be enabled through a workshop with your team.

Model your Ecosystem

Draw boundaries and implement the model of the ecosystem in terms of geography, partners, acquisition targets, customers, suppliers, new entrants and complementors

Derive Insights

Get Innoneuron to work for you and be amazed with the scenarios and “What next” & “What-should” analysis provided by Innoneuron by way of alerts, reports & briefs.

Roll Out

With the PoC completed, Innoneuron would be rolled out to the rest of the business ecosystems in your organization with our proprietary roll-out methodology.