IoT Intelligence

IoT Intelligence

The Internet of Things is one of the fastest growing technology domains and a rewarding bet for many businesses. It serves a myriad of available industries from end consumer needs to big business. Gartner, Inc. forecasts that in 2017, 8.4 billion connected things will be in use worldwide – a 31% increase from 2016. The total spending on endpoints and services is expected to reach almost $2 trillion. This, however, is only the beginning with projections estimating that by 2020 the number of connected things will reach 20.4 billion.


The different technology domains within the Internet of Things include IoT devices, networks, platforms, data integration/processing, analytics, solutions, standards and most importantly, IoT security. The players in this industry, while mostly aligned within their sub domains, often have presence within several.


With respect to use cases, the Internet of Things is very diversified. Due to the nature of the Internet of Things, any industry will have it’s own use cases. From complex industrial manufacturing automation to a customer wanting to track a pet, the internet of things provides attractive solutions. Currently, the solutions sought the most based on trends are in the manufacturing, healthcare and consumer electronics industries.


With so many diversified domains that depend on each other for a complete IoT solution, the understanding of how IoT innovations are impacting business and the industry landscape is essential. We, at Innointel have created a portal to deliver IoT market intelligence. This portal offers insights through business events based on IoT sub technology domains, industry related use cases and players. Through the use of proprietary technology, the portal automatically sources, curates, categorizes and adds to our repository any business event related to the IoT.

This is the one stop portal for all IoT intelligence.


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