Innovation Intelligence Platform
Stay connected with the Evolving Technology Innovations in your Business Ecosystem and derive
Actionable Insights for Strategic Decisions Leveraging the power of AI, Graph and Data Science.
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Delivering Innovation Intelligence

A centralized research platform with a data structure aligned to technology ecosystem with built-in pattern-recognition and visualization tools that enables the Innovation Process.

Monitor & Curate

Monitors Business Signals across the Ecosystem through multitude of information sources, curates, classifies & builds an event repository for easy analysis.

Research & Visualize

Proprietary data structure covering sub-industries, business processes, use-cases & technologies enables the user to slice & dice the data and discover insights.

Leading Indicators

Automated Pattern Recognition algorithms and associated predictive models enables the triggering of leading-indicators which are delivered as briefings.

Comprehensive Data Elements

Tech Innovations are mapped into the associated sub-industries, players, business processes and use-cases to

derive a comprehensive data repository.

150 +
Unique Sub-Industries
310 +
Unique Business Processes
Unique Business Event Categories
500 +
Unique Application Areas


Track Tech Innovations

Tracking emerging technologies and the associated use-cases for various industry segments.

Track Competitor's Innovations

Tracking what competitors are implementing for innovation across their business processes.

Track Potential Partners

Tracking the players that could be potential partners in the innovation journey of the organization.

Power Of AI

A set of core functionalities of the platform that delivers actionable insights.


Generate structured data from any source

Using Natural Language Processing technologies, Innoneuron converts unstructured data from various sources into structured data.

Machine Learning

End-to-end process automation

Leveraging the power of machine learning, Innoneuron automatically curates and categorizes data based on a variety of filters.

Graph Engine

Semantic queries with nodes and edges

Innoneuron stores its information in a graph database, allowing for easier visualization to gain better insights.

Pattern Recognition

Discover patterns to take early action

Machine learning models help Innoneuron generate patterns from curated content and delivers them to you in the form of Leading Indicators.

Innovation Intelligence Delivered as…

Deliverables can be integrated as part of the Innovation Work-flow process within enterprises.


Comprehensive Dashboards capturing the key attributes.

Leading Indicators

Pattern-driven leading indicators triggered by events.


A comprehensive summary of innovations & key players.

Custom Reports

Custom defined reports to suit any intelligence requirements.

Sample Leading Indicators 

Track Pattern-Driven Leading Indicators Triggered by Events.

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