Automated Market Insights Platform
Stay connected with your business Ecosystem and derive actionable insights for Strategic Decisions
Leveraging the power of AI, Graph and Data Science.
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Target Markets

Technology R&D/Product Companies

Market Research/ Information Services Companies

Engineering Services Companies

Key Services

Innovation Research

Comprehensive Research & Insights on Players, Technologies, Use case and Events.

Sales Enablement

Correlates Events across multiple Players to recognize patterns for generating Key Buying Signals.

Research Platform

Innoneuron can be deployed to customers either on cloud or premise to get personalized Insights.

Ecosystem Insights

Innoneuron can enable Players in various Industries and Technologies to Track their Ecosystems.

Application Areas

Use Case Scenarios for leveraging Innoneuron Automated Market Insights Platform.
Innovation Research

Be on top of innovations in your ecosystem including commercial, academic and government initiatives, by analyzing the business moves of new entrants, competitors and suppliers.

M&A Target Research

Understand, comprehend and analyze your target market space, companies and executives by setting the context & watch Innoneuron work the magic for you.

Competition Tracker

Stay ahead of your competition by tracking all business events in their ecosystems including strategy, acquisitions, executive moves and financials.

Partner Insights

Track and Analyze your partners and suppliers including financials, growth trajectories, strategies and road maps.

Client Insights

Obtain deep insights into your client ecosystem by tracking executive moves, organization changes, acquistions, competitors' strategy and financials.

Capability Build Insights

Put Innoneuron to track investments, M&A's, partnerships, leadership and talent on-boarding happening in your market segment.

Key Functionalities

A set of core functionalities of the platform that delivers actionable insights
CRM integration

Access insights and leads from MS Dynamics 365

Integration with the MS Dynamics 365 Sales module enables seamless access to new leads and market insights from the Ecosystem (Prospects, Partners, Competitors,etc.)

Automated Process

End-to-end process automation.

With powerful Machine Learning and NLP ability combined with the power of NoSQL databases, Innoneuron has the capability of automating your entire reseach process

Custom Analytics

Customized Analytical Models for insights.

Get access to the most comprehensive and accurate information and present it in the format of your choice either as snippets or in regular weekly, biweekly or monthly format.

Flexible Deployment

Cloud or On-premise, User-defined ecosystem configurations.

Model it for one of your businesses and deploy it across Business Units, verticals and geographies, based on the needs of the specific business, either on cloud or on-premise.

Sample Leading Indicators 

Track Pattern-Driven Leading Indicators Triggered by Events.

See the Leading Indicators on the Internet of Things at IOTDEX.

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